Meet Your Instructor

With a 25 year background in Massage & Bodywork and Alternative Therapies, Lavonne is a Master Massage Therapist licensed in multiple states. As an Instructor she serves those who value excellence in the field of massage therapy and are always seeking to improve their craft as a way to serve others with their gifts and talents.

In her practice Lavonne brings her extraordinary talent and expertise to the market place impacting the lives of her clients with mindful, outcome-based massage sessions helping them on their journey toward health and wellbeing.

She loves outdoor adventures, and in her spare time, she can be found cooking gourmet food for her family, drinking coffee, water or red wine - depending on the time of day :) or reading a good book.

Helping others succeed and live well is her passion!

Inspired Excellence in Massage Therapy!

Grounded in the art and science of massage the Total Body Flow Massage¬ģ method is a holistic full-body experience for the client. Combining the best of therapeutic Western Massage techniques with Eastern Massage Theory you will learn to blend therapeutic relaxation techniques with skilled muscle work. Our exclusive signature techniques are designed to quiet the mind and nervous system promoting deep states of relaxation while effectively addressing the specific muscular discomforts of the recipient with detailed and advanced bodywork. You will learn to tailor each session with sustained intention and precision to meet the unique needs of your clients¬†ensuring a massage experience that is perfect for your recipient, every time‚ÄĒall while keeping your books full, avoiding burnout and making more money.¬†¬†

Know and master all the strokes in the Authentic Swedish Tradition for a massive inventory of technique to choose from.              

Swe 40, A Repository of all Swedish Strokes

Understand the systems and subtle systems of the TBF body for affecting optimal outcomes with precision bodywork and intentional outcomes.                 

The Layered Body, A Holistic View

Learn the exclusive TBF signature strokes and principles of blending that govern the art and science of massage and bodywork.                    

TBFMM Advanced Bodywork

Master easy to learn energetic relaxation techniques that transcend traditions leaving you energized and your recipients with a profound sense of wellbeing.

Advanced Relaxation Therapy
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